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Food and Climate

Did you know that reducing food waste is one of the leading solutions to climate change?

Right now is the perfect time to take climate action in your kitchen. Tossing leftovers from the back of the fridge or some soggy vegetables into the compost bin (thank you!) might seem benign, but the impact is big. Here's how and why it matters!

  • When we waste food, we are wasting ALL the energy, water, and resources that went into producing that food and getting it into our kitchens.
  • Reducing food waste is one of the leading solutions to climate change, and it's something that we can all do, right now at home without new technology or buying a thing. 
  • Take 10-minutes to do a fridge reality check to see how much food is going uneaten in your home.
  • Get tips to help you shop, prepare, and store food to make it last longer and not go to waste.

If we have learned anything recently, it's that individual actions make a difference, and may even start a movement.


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